Slovenian forests

Slovenia belongs to the most forested countries in Europe. 1,186,104 ha of forests cover more than a half of its territory (forestation amounts to 58.5%). Most Slovenian forests are located within the area of beech, fir-beech and beech-oak sites (70 %),  which have a relatively high production capacity.

According to the data of forest management plans by the Slovenia Forest Service, the growing stock of Slovenian forests amounts to 327,458,525 cubic metres or 276.08 cubic metres per hectare. The share of growing stock of  coniferous trees  is 46.50%, of deciduous trees 53.50%. In Slovenian forests  there is an annual increment of 7,985,256 cubic metres of wood or 6.74 cubic metres per hectare.

In recent years the cut in Slovenian forests has totalled to 3,7 million m3 of trees annually, 60% of which have been conifers and 40% deciduous trees. The cut falls behind the possible one according to forest management plans and it amounts to 70% of it and 40% of current increment.