Sale of firewood

Wood heating has many advantages over fossil fuel heating. People who have decided to use wood for heating have decided for an environment-friendly source of energy. The advantages of using wood of inferior quality for heating are as follows:

  • it is a renewable source of energy;
  • is free of CO2 and there is no sulphur created as a result of the burning process;
  • transport and storage is safe;
  • owing to modern heating devices, a comfortable and economical method of heating is possible;
  • is cheaper than fossil fuels.

From our sales programme you can chose the following shapes of firewood:

  • ferewood logs 4 m in length;
  • split firewood cut into pieces of 33 and 50 cm long set on pallet (100x100x180 cm);
  • split firewood cut into pieces of 25 and 33 cm long packed as round bale on pallet.

Our facilities make it possible deliver firewood to individual households in a local area and especially traders at home and in the neighbouring countries. If the buyer so desires we can also take care of the transport.