Purchase of forest timber assortments

We purchase all types of forest timber assortments

  • at the roadside and
  • standing timber.


Purchase at the roadside:

  • forest owner delivers the timber to the forest road and inform us the timber is ready;
  • our purchase officer measures the quantity of the timber and determines its quality;
  • all traffic any other potential costs from the forest road onwards are covered by our company;
  • payment is carried out in accordance with the current purchase pricelist within 60 days after the takeover;
  • on the day payment is made we send to the forest owner a written account of the timber takeover.


Purchase of standing timber:

  • our professional staff makes the forest view;
  • we prepare a proposal for the owner;
  • if the owner agrees with the terms, we proceed to enter into an agreement;
  • after the agreement is signed we commence work within the agreed time limit;
  • if desired, the owner may be present during takeover and measurement of the wood;
  • after work has been completed we determine together with the owner whether or not all contractual obligations have been fulfilled;
  • payment is carried out in accordance with the contractual provisions;
  • on the day payment is made we send a written account of the timberd takeover.

Purchase of standing timber is the right solution for forest owners that are not equipped to work in forests or do not have the appropriate working equipment. As part of this method of purchase we also offer the owner the following services:

  • professional consultancy and assistance in preparing documentation;
  • felling and skidding operations;
  • building and maintenance forest roads and skid trails;
  • silviculture and forest protection work.