Presentation of the company

Situated in one of the most beautiful spots in Slovenia, between lush forests and the beautiful emerald river Soča, the forestry company MMG d.o.o. has operated there since 1992. The region takes pride in its rich forester tradition and we are proud that our company with its two main activities, forestry services & sales of forest timber assortments, furthers the tradition.

We are aware that forests are part of the past, present and will also be part of the future identity of the population in these regions; therefore we do not consider it a mere natural resource; instead we respect it and regulate our use so that we maintain its balance and quality.

We harvest the wood material from forests in the area between Bovec in the north and Idrija and Cerkljansko in the east, and the Kanalska dolina valley in the south; then we deliver it to clients in Slovenia, Italy and Austria. In turn the material is used for products, which adorn our and other peoples' homes; lots of people use wood to warm their homes.

Wood is a renewable natural resource that brings cosiness into our homes and ensures a health living environment.